Field reporting

Manage on-site inspections with your mobile device.  Our customizable checklists help you to track non-conformance issues.

QR identification

Every doors are identified with a QR code that let you access easily to the reporting informations and history.

Easy information sharing

Immediately share the information with facility managers, customers and collaborators.

Real time tracking of progress

Follow in real time the contractor’s activity in your buildings.

You know who is doing what, when and where.

Efficient dashboard

Simple dashboard helps to have a quick overview of your property holding’s global health.

Efficiency improvement

Drastically improve your inspectors’ productivity by providing them with the information they need in an user-friendly mobile app.

History recording

We record the history of every events and they are accessible in one click. You never forget what has been done, when and where.

Multi user

The application may be used by every employee in your company. No matter how many they are.

Simple custom checklist

Inspections are done with the aid of our simple and customizable checklists.

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