Field fire door inspection made easy
Inspecting, reporting and keeping track of the history has never been so easy.
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What is DoorInspect ?

DoorInspect is the world’s #1 web and mobile application that manages fire door inspection. Our users are both door inspectors and property managers.

How it works ?

For door inspectors

Door inspectors spare a lot of time by avoiding multiple reporting and transmission of these reports.

  • Find the QR close to the door and scan it within the app

  • Make your reporting quickly with your mobile device and validate your inspection. Our checklist help you to do it really fast. Take photo if necessary.

  • You're done. Enjoy a coffee.

For facility managers

Property & facility managers using DoorInspect have realtime information about the progress of the inspection. The whole history is memorized and DoorInspect maybe be used as a quality system and a conformity proof. The QR code identification of the doors insures that there no confusion.

For door manufacturers

Door Manufacturers can deliver their technical data to the site workers directly through our application. This approach re-inforce the marketing and the visibility of manufacturers by offering a digital extension to their products. Want to know more ? Contact us.

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